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    WIFI Design and Support

    Nexus WiFi will provide professional, timely installation at your location. All of our...

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    Nexus WiFi offers 24×7 support to meet any need. Our Call Center is open 365 days/year.

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Nexus Wifi is committed to customer satisfaction.

Our team leverages its experience in hotel internet through network support, help desk services, network security, and design & implementation of hotel wireless solutions to deliver service excellence.

Hotel Internet
Is poor network performance slowing your company down?
Our team of Micosoft and Cisco Certified Engineers has the experience and know-how to help your company identify...
Hotel Wireless
Need help with your Firewall Security policies?
Our engineers have years of experience in designing and managing DMZ's, security policies and VPN solutions.


At Nexus Wifi, we truly value every customer we have and there is nothing more reflective of the value we provide, than the words of the people we work with every day.

Here are just a couple of those experiences:

I had a very difficult property layout with over 150 rooms at my Clarion. The internet had been giving us problems for years. Nexus Wifi really took the time to understand all of our needs and designed a solution that was perfect for us. The Back Office and Guest Wireless Network have never been better. Now we have complete coverage and not a single complaint. They stayed on budget and really delivered as promised.
-Neil Patel, Owner, Image Hotel Management
Cookeville TN
I brought Nexus Wifi into my hotel because I had many problems with the Guest Network. Within hours they diagnosed the problem, installed their equipment, and had us back up and running. 1 year later, it’s still working better than ever. Thank You Nexus Wifi!
-Ketan Patel, Owner, Country Inn and Suites
Lexington KY
I would like to thank Nexus for their outstanding work! They have a wealth of knowledge and maturity. I really appreciated their work ethic and strong technical skills.
- Chiman Patel, Owner, Holiday Inn Express
Lawrenceburg IN
Nexus Wifi really took the time to understand my company and what my needs were. The solution they designed was perfect for me. They have great communication skills and excellent understanding.
-Amul Patel, Owner, Comfort Inn
Columbus OH
I want to say Thank You to Nexus Wifi. Before they took over my service, it was slow and unreliable (even though I have a 50mb internet connection). They installed their equipment and Nexus Gateway and I immediately had the speed and reliability I was searching for.
-Sanjiv Patel, Owner, Holiday Inn Express
Houston TX
Until I hired Nexus Wifi, I had reset my equipment at least once a week and my network was slow even though I had Time Warner business class. They diagnosed my problem quickly as a faulty Ethostream gateway. Nexus quickly installed their Gateway to fix the issue. I have not had to reset my equipment for almost 2 years now. Thank You Nexus!
-Ketan Patel, Owner, ABVI
Waukegan IL
Nexus Wifi really came to the rescue. I had a renovation project wrapping up and I needed a network fast. Nexus Wifi came in at the last minute and designed a solution that was perfect for my property. They were responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have peace of mind that their network will be problem free.
-Nick Patel, Owner, Econolodge
Raleigh NC