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    Nexus WiFi will provide professional, timely installation at your location. All of our...

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    Nexus WiFi offers 24×7 support to meet any need. Our Call Center is open 365 days/year.

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Nexus WIFI

Hotel Wifi

Nexus Wifi is committed to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction. Our team leverages its experience in the areas network support, help desk services, network security, and wireless design & implementation to deliver service excellence.

Wireless & Network Design

Nexus WIFI will provide professional, timely hotel wifi installation at your location. All of our installation and design engineers are either Microsoft or Cisco Certified. Here are common questions and design considerations about our hospitality wifi solutions

What are the most common problems with wireless networks?
  • Without a doubt, the #1 problem is lack of proper cabling! Even though wireless networks are a wonderful technology of at allow us to cover large areas for multiple users, there is no substitute for proper cabling to the proper locations for the access points.
What experience does Nexus Wifi have?
  • We have performed thousands of installations over the past 15 years that cover all areas of networking expertise. Nexus Wifi engineers have designed networks for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across the country.
How long does the install take?
  • 4 hours to 2 days, it all depends on the size of the network
What types of installers do you use?
  • All of our installs are completed with your design engineer onsite.
What challenges will the installers encounter?
  • Challenges present themselves in every project we do. Therefore, we work closely with the customer to get a proper understanding of the project and a thorough understanding of the layout of the property.