Who Do You Trust for Your Hotel Wifi Installation?

Essentially every traveler would like to stay connected to the Internet while they are on the road. They come to expect that their place of lodging will have hotel Wi-Fi access, so that they can surf the Internet, check their emails, find restaurants and attractions in the area and get directions.

Guests that use laptops, cell phones, printers and gaming devices look for hotel Internet access. The demand for hotel wireless access is great, and hotels need to recognize this need by investing in hotel Wi-Fi installations.

Nexus Wifi has a flexible access rate model to guide your decision on whether you would like to charge your guests a fee for hotel Internet access. If you decide to charge them, you have to determine the cost for this service. Not only can hotel Wi-Fi installation benefit your business in attracting and keeping customers, it can also help your bottom line.

An Individual Approach to Wi-Fi Installation Solutions

In order to fully comprehend the personal requirements of your hotel or resort, consultants need to provide you with one-on-one consultation. Our primary goal at Nexus Wifi is to provide you with a solution that surpasses your expectations, because we understand that nobody knows your business as well as you.

Why is Nexus Wifi your one stop source for hotel Wifi installation and outstanding service?

Because Nexus provides extensive hotel Wifi solutions, and we take you from the planning and design phase, to the installation and support phase. We have an integrated approach that eliminates any frustration you may experience when working with numerous vendors. This is also a great way to save you time and money on your hotel wireless needs.

Nexus’ hotel Wifi services include the following:

• Planning and design
• Professional installation of all elements
• Wifi network monitoring to recognize problems before they occur
• Preventative maintenance to keep your hotel Wifi system running smoothly
• The most advanced level of security and authentication tools
• A business access portal to aid you in adding and deleting accounts; allowing you to review revenue reports; create and change the Internet access for your guests and keep track of Wi-Fi usage
• 24 hour 1-800 telephone support for your hotel guests, so that you can eliminate the need for support by your own employees
• Flexible rate choices to help you determine hotel Wifi access rates

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