Travelers Require Wi-Fi Above All Else

The explosion of electronic devices in recent years has prompted travelers to change the selection criteria for hotels. More travelers require available hotel internet services each year. Business travelers need online access to use the evening hours for meeting preparation and completion of work tasks. High-speed Wi-Fi is essential for anyone with the need to get work completed in time to get a good night of rest. Leisure travelers use iPads and smartphones to stay in touch with home and plan the next day’s activities. A recent survey of travelers revealed that more than one third of all respondents would factor in Wi-Fi service in the hotel choice.

Hotel WiFi networks must be secure and fast to earn a positive reputation. Travelers will tell other people about the quality of the hotel internet service. Poor Wi-Fi quality can affect the perception of the property. Mobile use has become essential in the lives of many people who conduct any number of activities from a tablet or smartphone. The ability of the staff to answer questions and resolve issues will play an important role in guest satisfaction with the facility. Comments about the hotel WiFi must be read and addressed to prevent a decline in the number of guests to come to stay.

Constant updates to the hotel internet services will be required to provide sufficient bandwidth as the number of wireless devices increases. Devices will continue to demand more bandwidth with each new release. Others must free the access points for use by other people who wish to log onto the Internet. Technological advances place untold strains on hotel WiFi networks. Sufficient coverage throughout the property must be provided since guests will use devices near the pool and in the gym. Anyone waiting in the parking lot might wish to use the hotel Internet services while waiting for someone.

Wi-Fi networks allow guests to use the Internet without incurring data charges from the carriers. This is essential when the traveler must use the device for longer periods than they do at home. Wireless devices replace home computers when the business traveler or family is away from home. Many other amenities that were once preferred have fallen to the bottom of the list. Most hotel guests consider turn down service and a bathroom phone “unnecessary”. Hotel management teams are wise to listen to guest preferences to ensure that the preferred amenities are available.

Many hotel rooms are booked from mobile devices on the day of the traveler’s stay. This convenience allows travelers to make hotel choices while moving through a town or city. Mobile apps must display the availability of the Wi-Fi network on the property. Those without this essential amenity will be bypassed when experience travelers are deciding where to stay. Hotels win the respect of savvy travelers who want a clean room and fast Wi-Fi access. Word of mouth advertising is essential for the hotel chains that offer Wi-Fi as a reliable access point to the Internet.

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