Nexus WiFi – Why Every Hotel Needs It

When it comes to managing a hotel wifi network, you need equipment that is durable, reliable and built to last. Besides that, knowing someone you can trust to install the hotel wifi network quickly and efficiently is also critical. If you’re in the market for a network upgrade, Nexus WiFi is ready and waiting for your call!

Who is Nexus WiFi?

Nexus WiFi has been providing hotel wireless and guest internet solutions for several years. They have a solid reputation in the hospitality industry, working with all of the major hotel brands in the United States to install and monitor their in-house networks. With the fast, friendly and professional service and reliable products they offer, they are ready to tackle any job regardless of how big or small it may be!

Your Own Custom In-House Network Solution

Setting up and installing your hotel wireless network requires careful attention and detail. If your network is not setup properly from the start, you will run into a variety of issues and downtime along the way, causing a negative impact on your business. That won’t happen when you let Nexus WiFi design become your full-service guest internet solution!

Nexus WiFi will take you from start to finish in no time flat! To get started, simply hand over a floor map and a few bits of information from your internet provider. From there, a design engineer will create a completely customized plan designed specifically for you. Once the plan is complete, all equipment is pre-configured to ensure easy installation and is mailed out to you along with the completed network map. You then have the choice to install everyone on your own or hire Nexus WiFi to handle the install for you!

When it comes down to it, Nexus WiFi makes guest internet solutions simple, easy and effective – just the way it should be.

Excellent Track Record

There is a reason why several of the most popular hotel chains around the United States are hooked on Nexus WiFi. They provide top quality products that work and they stand behind everything that they do. Just take a look at some of their testimonials to get an idea of how much they truly care about their customers.

Start Your Upgrade Today

If you manage a hotel (or several) and want to take your hotel wireless network to the next level, consider going with Nexus WiFi. You will not find another service that is as reliable or experienced as they are. Make the right choice and get in touch with them today to see what they can do for you!

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