iPad Sales Soar as Hotels Scramble to Provide Access Points

In April 2010, the iPad was released by the Apple Corporation. Sales have skyrocketed because users find traveling with an iPad convenient and fun. Full access to favorite programs, websites and email can be found wherever an Internet access point is available. Hotels all across the United States, and around the globe, are discovering the challenges of providing sufficient bandwidth to support the devices brought by guests. Some experts anticipate an increase of 300 percent in the required number of access point provided on the hotel wireless networks. Each hotel must consider the peak hours when guests will be present in the facility and awake to use the devices.

Many other types of wireless devices use hotel internet access points, which require just as much bandwidth as an Ipad does. Cell phones, Kindle devices, tablets and laptops are convenient communication devices that enable guests to complete work tasks and stay connected with friends and family. Substantial upgrades have been performed at many hotels to stay competitive with the new facilities that are built with the most advanced equipment available. Shortcuts on equipment costs will cause slow response times and insufficient numbers of access points during peak periods. A well-designed hotel wireless network will support all connected devices. Guests have high expectations, and a negative experience will result in lost business for the particular hotel location.

Hotel management that understands the importance of adequate network capacity will budget sufficient funds to provide upgrades at the appropriate frequency. Saving a little money on equipment will result in slow speeds and insufficient bandwidth during peak times. Electronic devices will not perform adequately, which causes guests to become frustrated. All of the issues can be avoided through adequate planning and sufficient investment in equipment and personnel.

Technology is advancing at the speed of light, and each step forward places more demands on the hotel Internet providers. Support personnel must possess the technical skills to identify issues and provide prompt resolutions. Guests will use various devices to play computer games, listen to music and watch movies. All of these activities require significant bandwidth to in order for the devices to function properly. Positive results will spread by word of mouth and win significant business for the hotel location. A great reputation for high-speed internet service is essential in the Internet age. Hotels are temporary homes for travelers who need Internet access that makes every device function at peak efficiency.

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