Hotel Wireless Connections Have Become Essential

Business travelers spend the entire day in meetings with clients and associates with little time for email or assigned duties. Hotel rooms must provide the best possible Wi-Fi and cellular reception to maximize the productivity of the evening hours. Leisure travelers enjoy the convenience of a Wi-Fi, but business travelers will select hotels based on the quality of the hotel Internet services. Certain features are a must for the guest Internet, or the business traveler will stay somewhere else on the next trip.

• Essential – A hotel that is serious about offering high-powered Wi-Fi access will treat the service as essential to business travelers. Casual attitudes about the service will be replaced with well-trained employees who respond to requests for assistance quickly and efficiently.

• Reliable – Superior equipment and cabling will work correctly in every room without surprises for the traveler. Maintenance tasks will be completed on a regular basis to prevent downtime.

• Secure – Hotel Internet services must be secure enough for the traveler to use company equipment without concern. Physical security, including reliable power sources, is essential for the traveler. Data security features, such as virus and malware protection, are required for the integrity of the network.

• Fast – Guest Internet with sufficient speed will improve the hotel’s reputation. Speed affects productivity more than any other feature of a network. Slow connections are frustrating and cause loss of valuable time.

• Capable – The hotel Internet services should meet the need of leisure and business travelers. High bandwidths will support video games, simple computer programs and advanced graphic packages.

Communication is essential for anyone who is away from home for an extended period of time. Computers and cell phones are valuable pieces of equipment that rely on hotel-provided services to function correctly. Hotels that understand this truth will invest sufficient money and effort into creating and maintaining the network. Guest Internet services require additional attention since too many guests are unaware of the best way to use the connections. Cables and connectors will undergo high levels of strain because of the number of people who use them.

Employees must possess the necessary skills to answer questions from behind the desk. Casual answers are frustrating to travelers who are tired and have a great deal of work to complete before retiring for the evening. Technicians should be available round-the-clock to address issues that affect the traveler in any room in the hotel. This approach might seem expensive, but gaining a reputation for poor Internet services will be an impossible challenge to overcome. An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure in this instance. Saving a few thousand dollars in equipment or support can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost room rentals.

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