Be Proud To Offer the Right Hotel WLAN

A Hotel Should Uphold the Company’s Stated Core Values

In this day and age, nearly everything can be done on the go via Internet access from our computers, laptops, and cellular devices. So it’s needless to say that hotels need to offer guest the fastest and most secure internet services possible to stay abreast with competition. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced internet services that can be inadequate to downright non-existent.  Hotel wifi should be easily accessed by guests, be a stable connection and a secure one for guests to use. If the hotel states that using the WLAN available is at the guest’s own risk, something is wrong. Hotels take care in offering secure locks on the doors, security cameras and sometimes on-site security. Doesn’t it seem like an oxymoron to tell guests they are protected when they sign into a room, but are vulnerable when using the hotel wifi? If the hotel’s reputation is one of state-of-the-art services, the wifi should be as well.
All Amenities Should Be Equally Awesome

Hotels go out of their way to provide guests with clean rooms, coffee, towels, clean pools and working air conditioners. Shouldn’t internet fall under the same category? The internet provider should have customer service and technicians on-call to repair any problems immediately. Guests should not have to be inconvenienced, waiting for hotel internet services to be repaired.

Stand Up For the Value Your Hotel Offers

If a hotel states that guests’ security is a priority, then they should pay attention to the guests’ total security. Offer a connection that assures guests that their business online stays their business. There are many options available to accomplish this; it does not require special equipment, additional cost or special account handling.

Offer a stable connection and a twenty-four hour customer service option, in case anything happens. Many hotel patrons may have to work with overseas clients. Due to time differences, if the connection goes out and customer service is non-existent, the patron’s company could lose money. Ultimately, the hotel will lose business as well.

Some hotels offer wifi only in a common area, such as a guest lobby. Others have a few old, short-range routers placed around the grounds. Hotels risk losing patronage with substandard equipment and poor internet connections.

If the hotel wants to genuinely build the reputation that the customer comes first, then making the decision to choose the best WLAN for the guests should be a priority.


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