Hotels Benefit from Remote Network Monitoring

Hotel Internet services have become an important part of the amenities offered to guests. Network performance will affect the hotel’s reputation in the marketplace. A high-performing hotel wifi network will draw new hotel guests who need a reliable network. Few hotel chains can afford a dedicated staff to monitor the performance throughout the entire computer network. Remote monitoring allows specialists to evaluate every network component and make changes.

Alerts are designed to notify the monitor that traffic is slowing on the network. Rerouting devices to use other routers will reduce the collisions that happen during hours of heavy use. Network issues must be resolved quickly to provide fast responses to every device. Hotel guests have little tolerance for slow hotel internet services.

Components in the network can be tracked through the monitoring services. A consistent bottleneck on the network caused by the same piece of equipment can be resolved since it has been identified. Replacement of one component can resolve a multitude of problems.

Guidance for the hotel desk clerk can be provided to ensure that the appropriate information is available regardless of who is on duty. Hotel Internet service will fluctuate throughout the day and evening hours. Guests can be rerouted to a part of the network that has sufficient bandwidth for the device’s needs. Demanding devices, such as those playing games, can be moved to a part of the network where fewer devices would compete for network resources.

Reports are provided from the remote monitoring services at regular intervals. Changes made to the configuration and traffic routing will allow the hotel executives to see the many services that are required to run the network at optimal levels. WiFi networks require constant adjustment to optimize the available resources.

Recommended upgrades can be conducted before the network performance degrades. Increased demand will continue as long as personal electronic devices remain affordable. Online services are more common than ever before, and people rely on their phones and tablets for important activities. Work and home communication require sufficient access to the Internet from anywhere on the hotel grounds.

Remote monitoring services allow the hotel staff to spend time taking care of guests instead of the WiFi network. Hotel Internet services must exceed guest expectations whenever a device attempts to connect through the access point. Expertise is available for any hotel chain that wants to offer superior WiFi service for guests.


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Travelers Require Wi-Fi Above All Else

The explosion of electronic devices in recent years has prompted travelers to change the selection criteria for hotels. More travelers require available hotel internet services each year. Business travelers need online access to use the evening hours for meeting preparation and completion of work tasks. High-speed Wi-Fi is essential for anyone with the need to get work completed in time to get a good night of rest. Leisure travelers use iPads and smartphones to stay in touch with home and plan the next day’s activities. A recent survey of travelers revealed that more than one third of all respondents would factor in Wi-Fi service in the hotel choice.

Hotel WiFi networks must be secure and fast to earn a positive reputation. Travelers will tell other people about the quality of the hotel internet service. Poor Wi-Fi quality can affect the perception of the property. Mobile use has become essential in the lives of many people who conduct any number of activities from a tablet or smartphone. The ability of the staff to answer questions and resolve issues will play an important role in guest satisfaction with the facility. Comments about the hotel WiFi must be read and addressed to prevent a decline in the number of guests to come to stay.

Constant updates to the hotel internet services will be required to provide sufficient bandwidth as the number of wireless devices increases. Devices will continue to demand more bandwidth with each new release. Others must free the access points for use by other people who wish to log onto the Internet. Technological advances place untold strains on hotel WiFi networks. Sufficient coverage throughout the property must be provided since guests will use devices near the pool and in the gym. Anyone waiting in the parking lot might wish to use the hotel Internet services while waiting for someone.

Wi-Fi networks allow guests to use the Internet without incurring data charges from the carriers. This is essential when the traveler must use the device for longer periods than they do at home. Wireless devices replace home computers when the business traveler or family is away from home. Many other amenities that were once preferred have fallen to the bottom of the list. Most hotel guests consider turn down service and a bathroom phone “unnecessary”. Hotel management teams are wise to listen to guest preferences to ensure that the preferred amenities are available.

Many hotel rooms are booked from mobile devices on the day of the traveler’s stay. This convenience allows travelers to make hotel choices while moving through a town or city. Mobile apps must display the availability of the Wi-Fi network on the property. Those without this essential amenity will be bypassed when experience travelers are deciding where to stay. Hotels win the respect of savvy travelers who want a clean room and fast Wi-Fi access. Word of mouth advertising is essential for the hotel chains that offer Wi-Fi as a reliable access point to the Internet.

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iPad Sales Soar as Hotels Scramble to Provide Access Points

In April 2010, the iPad was released by the Apple Corporation. Sales have skyrocketed because users find traveling with an iPad convenient and fun. Full access to favorite programs, websites and email can be found wherever an Internet access point is available. Hotels all across the United States, and around the globe, are discovering the challenges of providing sufficient bandwidth to support the devices brought by guests. Some experts anticipate an increase of 300 percent in the required number of access point provided on the hotel wireless networks. Each hotel must consider the peak hours when guests will be present in the facility and awake to use the devices.

Many other types of wireless devices use hotel internet access points, which require just as much bandwidth as an Ipad does. Cell phones, Kindle devices, tablets and laptops are convenient communication devices that enable guests to complete work tasks and stay connected with friends and family. Substantial upgrades have been performed at many hotels to stay competitive with the new facilities that are built with the most advanced equipment available. Shortcuts on equipment costs will cause slow response times and insufficient numbers of access points during peak periods. A well-designed hotel wireless network will support all connected devices. Guests have high expectations, and a negative experience will result in lost business for the particular hotel location.

Hotel management that understands the importance of adequate network capacity will budget sufficient funds to provide upgrades at the appropriate frequency. Saving a little money on equipment will result in slow speeds and insufficient bandwidth during peak times. Electronic devices will not perform adequately, which causes guests to become frustrated. All of the issues can be avoided through adequate planning and sufficient investment in equipment and personnel.

Technology is advancing at the speed of light, and each step forward places more demands on the hotel Internet providers. Support personnel must possess the technical skills to identify issues and provide prompt resolutions. Guests will use various devices to play computer games, listen to music and watch movies. All of these activities require significant bandwidth to in order for the devices to function properly. Positive results will spread by word of mouth and win significant business for the hotel location. A great reputation for high-speed internet service is essential in the Internet age. Hotels are temporary homes for travelers who need Internet access that makes every device function at peak efficiency.

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Bandwidth Requirements Continue to Climb

Hotel guests bring various mobile and portable devices that require Internet access. Keeping pace with the ever-increasing demands for more bandwidth to support personal devices is presenting challenges for hotels of all sizes. Hotel WiFi systems are strained during peak times since leisure, and business travelers are connected through the same network. Providing Internet access is no longer considered a perk in the hospitality sector. Superior hospitality WiFi networks can win significant business for the location. Failure to provide high-speed Internet access can reduce the number of rooms rented and affect the hotel’s reputation, especially with business travelers.

Universal mobile networks must provide certain features that are becoming well-known to savvy users:

• Available WiFi frequency spectrum
• Active management of the bandwidth
• RF Spectrum management
• Selective access point placement
• Dynamic orthogonal channel selection methodology that supports channel re-use
• Band steering from b/g to a/n
• Access point/client power management
• Policies for devices, management services and traffic types

Existing users of the hospitality WiFi should not experience performance degradation as the number of users increases throughout the evening. Immediate and secure access to the hotel WiFi ensures that leisure and business users will avoid the online risks that threaten their devices and data.

Device identity is essential for the per-use billing practices of hotel Wi-Fi systems. Guests, and their devices, must be known by the system to prevent inaccurate bills at checkout time. As devices drop off the network, fast reclamation of the available addresses will ensure that space is available for the next user. Wireless networks require experienced personnel who monitor the entire network and provide valuable support to hotel guests.

Exponential increases in the numbers and types of mobile devices present significant challenges for any hospitality WiFi administrator. Advances must be sustained to exceed guest expectations on every visit. Sustaining a positive reputation for high-speed Internet access is primary in the quest to compete in the Internet age. One negative experience will multiply 100-fold as the guest shares the story with friends and colleagues. Every effort must be made to avoid security, bandwidth and speed issues with the network.

Technological advances will require sustained efforts to upgrade the hotel WiFi equipment and cabling to provide superior connections for new devices. Internet access is considered essential for guests that have an insatiable desire to be connected to friends and family at all hours of the day and night. Hotels that ignore the trend will find that fewer guests are renting rooms, which is more costly than installing a superior WiFi network.

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Hotel Wireless Connections Have Become Essential

Business travelers spend the entire day in meetings with clients and associates with little time for email or assigned duties. Hotel rooms must provide the best possible Wi-Fi and cellular reception to maximize the productivity of the evening hours. Leisure travelers enjoy the convenience of a Wi-Fi, but business travelers will select hotels based on the quality of the hotel Internet services. Certain features are a must for the guest Internet, or the business traveler will stay somewhere else on the next trip.

• Essential – A hotel that is serious about offering high-powered Wi-Fi access will treat the service as essential to business travelers. Casual attitudes about the service will be replaced with well-trained employees who respond to requests for assistance quickly and efficiently.

• Reliable – Superior equipment and cabling will work correctly in every room without surprises for the traveler. Maintenance tasks will be completed on a regular basis to prevent downtime.

• Secure – Hotel Internet services must be secure enough for the traveler to use company equipment without concern. Physical security, including reliable power sources, is essential for the traveler. Data security features, such as virus and malware protection, are required for the integrity of the network.

• Fast – Guest Internet with sufficient speed will improve the hotel’s reputation. Speed affects productivity more than any other feature of a network. Slow connections are frustrating and cause loss of valuable time.

• Capable – The hotel Internet services should meet the need of leisure and business travelers. High bandwidths will support video games, simple computer programs and advanced graphic packages.

Communication is essential for anyone who is away from home for an extended period of time. Computers and cell phones are valuable pieces of equipment that rely on hotel-provided services to function correctly. Hotels that understand this truth will invest sufficient money and effort into creating and maintaining the network. Guest Internet services require additional attention since too many guests are unaware of the best way to use the connections. Cables and connectors will undergo high levels of strain because of the number of people who use them.

Employees must possess the necessary skills to answer questions from behind the desk. Casual answers are frustrating to travelers who are tired and have a great deal of work to complete before retiring for the evening. Technicians should be available round-the-clock to address issues that affect the traveler in any room in the hotel. This approach might seem expensive, but gaining a reputation for poor Internet services will be an impossible challenge to overcome. An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure in this instance. Saving a few thousand dollars in equipment or support can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost room rentals.

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Be Proud To Offer the Right Hotel WLAN

A Hotel Should Uphold the Company’s Stated Core Values

In this day and age, nearly everything can be done on the go via Internet access from our computers, laptops, and cellular devices. So it’s needless to say that hotels need to offer guest the fastest and most secure internet services possible to stay abreast with competition. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced internet services that can be inadequate to downright non-existent.  Hotel wifi should be easily accessed by guests, be a stable connection and a secure one for guests to use. If the hotel states that using the WLAN available is at the guest’s own risk, something is wrong. Hotels take care in offering secure locks on the doors, security cameras and sometimes on-site security. Doesn’t it seem like an oxymoron to tell guests they are protected when they sign into a room, but are vulnerable when using the hotel wifi? If the hotel’s reputation is one of state-of-the-art services, the wifi should be as well.
All Amenities Should Be Equally Awesome

Hotels go out of their way to provide guests with clean rooms, coffee, towels, clean pools and working air conditioners. Shouldn’t internet fall under the same category? The internet provider should have customer service and technicians on-call to repair any problems immediately. Guests should not have to be inconvenienced, waiting for hotel internet services to be repaired.

Stand Up For the Value Your Hotel Offers

If a hotel states that guests’ security is a priority, then they should pay attention to the guests’ total security. Offer a connection that assures guests that their business online stays their business. There are many options available to accomplish this; it does not require special equipment, additional cost or special account handling.

Offer a stable connection and a twenty-four hour customer service option, in case anything happens. Many hotel patrons may have to work with overseas clients. Due to time differences, if the connection goes out and customer service is non-existent, the patron’s company could lose money. Ultimately, the hotel will lose business as well.

Some hotels offer wifi only in a common area, such as a guest lobby. Others have a few old, short-range routers placed around the grounds. Hotels risk losing patronage with substandard equipment and poor internet connections.

If the hotel wants to genuinely build the reputation that the customer comes first, then making the decision to choose the best WLAN for the guests should be a priority.


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Nexus WiFi – Why Every Hotel Needs It

When it comes to managing a hotel wifi network, you need equipment that is durable, reliable and built to last. Besides that, knowing someone you can trust to install the hotel wifi network quickly and efficiently is also critical. If you’re in the market for a network upgrade, Nexus WiFi is ready and waiting for your call!

Who is Nexus WiFi?

Nexus WiFi has been providing hotel wireless and guest internet solutions for several years. They have a solid reputation in the hospitality industry, working with all of the major hotel brands in the United States to install and monitor their in-house networks. With the fast, friendly and professional service and reliable products they offer, they are ready to tackle any job regardless of how big or small it may be!

Your Own Custom In-House Network Solution

Setting up and installing your hotel wireless network requires careful attention and detail. If your network is not setup properly from the start, you will run into a variety of issues and downtime along the way, causing a negative impact on your business. That won’t happen when you let Nexus WiFi design become your full-service guest internet solution!

Nexus WiFi will take you from start to finish in no time flat! To get started, simply hand over a floor map and a few bits of information from your internet provider. From there, a design engineer will create a completely customized plan designed specifically for you. Once the plan is complete, all equipment is pre-configured to ensure easy installation and is mailed out to you along with the completed network map. You then have the choice to install everyone on your own or hire Nexus WiFi to handle the install for you!

When it comes down to it, Nexus WiFi makes guest internet solutions simple, easy and effective – just the way it should be.

Excellent Track Record

There is a reason why several of the most popular hotel chains around the United States are hooked on Nexus WiFi. They provide top quality products that work and they stand behind everything that they do. Just take a look at some of their testimonials to get an idea of how much they truly care about their customers.

Start Your Upgrade Today

If you manage a hotel (or several) and want to take your hotel wireless network to the next level, consider going with Nexus WiFi. You will not find another service that is as reliable or experienced as they are. Make the right choice and get in touch with them today to see what they can do for you!

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Who Do You Trust for Your Hotel Wifi Installation?

Essentially every traveler would like to stay connected to the Internet while they are on the road. They come to expect that their place of lodging will have hotel Wi-Fi access, so that they can surf the Internet, check their emails, find restaurants and attractions in the area and get directions.

Guests that use laptops, cell phones, printers and gaming devices look for hotel Internet access. The demand for hotel wireless access is great, and hotels need to recognize this need by investing in hotel Wi-Fi installations.

Nexus Wifi has a flexible access rate model to guide your decision on whether you would like to charge your guests a fee for hotel Internet access. If you decide to charge them, you have to determine the cost for this service. Not only can hotel Wi-Fi installation benefit your business in attracting and keeping customers, it can also help your bottom line.

An Individual Approach to Wi-Fi Installation Solutions

In order to fully comprehend the personal requirements of your hotel or resort, consultants need to provide you with one-on-one consultation. Our primary goal at Nexus Wifi is to provide you with a solution that surpasses your expectations, because we understand that nobody knows your business as well as you.

Why is Nexus Wifi your one stop source for hotel Wifi installation and outstanding service?

Because Nexus provides extensive hotel Wifi solutions, and we take you from the planning and design phase, to the installation and support phase. We have an integrated approach that eliminates any frustration you may experience when working with numerous vendors. This is also a great way to save you time and money on your hotel wireless needs.

Nexus’ hotel Wifi services include the following:

• Planning and design
• Professional installation of all elements
• Wifi network monitoring to recognize problems before they occur
• Preventative maintenance to keep your hotel Wifi system running smoothly
• The most advanced level of security and authentication tools
• A business access portal to aid you in adding and deleting accounts; allowing you to review revenue reports; create and change the Internet access for your guests and keep track of Wi-Fi usage
• 24 hour 1-800 telephone support for your hotel guests, so that you can eliminate the need for support by your own employees
• Flexible rate choices to help you determine hotel Wifi access rates

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